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The perfect three.



UX/UI design, back-end development of the web and the unique application Hyaloid provides.

The current SNS, media, and commerce industries seem mature, but it has only been about 10 years since smartphones were released. Rather it seems that the time has come for the platforms to evolve one-step further, if you look at the development of smart display device technology and data storage technology. This is our main aim.


Human Business

The application made in Hyaloid certainly communicates with all existing social networks but it is more because at the center of the business that it creates between brands and people there is always the individual.

One can creates his own world in which there are all social networks but also all the brands he or she likes. Furthermore, it is possible to dialogue with your own favorite celebrities and talk about their favorite brands and tastes. This scenario opens up a new, infinite market for brand and a new way to present themselves.



Many functions in a single application. BtoB, BtoC, Social networks. All at once. All in one.
Everyone can show their own tastes and brands in the most various market: music, fashion, lifestyle, digital… And this is possible only thanks to our unique and smart technology, and to you!